As a contemporary artist I enjoy adopting a mixed media approach to my concepts. I have a diploma in art and design that encompassed a variety of disciplines from screen printing/printmaking, jewellery, glass, ceramics, fashion/textiles, and fine art and from my diploma into my 3rd and 4th year BA honours for contemporary/fine art at University of the West of Scotland and City of Glasgow college I have endeavoured into a variety of concepts that I am greatly passionate about. Since being in 3rd year I have been a part of various workshops such as sound, Film, paper vessels, slip casting, indexical making, outdoor screenprinting, woodwork and Risograph printing, I love finding ways to link various disciplines into one and I find that refreshing within the contemporary art world.  My work explores current contemporary issues and as a creative activist I enjoy projecting my voice in an artistic way. I always aim to produce an innovative body of work that greatly encapsulates my themes from exploring the negative impacts of fast fashion, mental health, feminism, pollution, social influences, cultural displacement, semiotics and indexical art. I find it challenging in a good way to live within such a competitive job market for the arts as this makes me crave my end goal even more. I have a passion for climate change, and I enjoy using unconventional materials to fight back waste.

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